A trailer for "Joy" is now available online, offering a glimpse of David O. Russell's bio-pic starring Jennifer Lawrence as Long Island housewife-turned-businesswoman Joy Mangano.

It's Russell's third film with Lawrence and co-star Bradley Cooper, following "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle." Robert De Niro also stars.

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The trailer goes more for mood and style than narrative: Aside from a few shots of Lawrence's Joy making sketches and cutting paper, you'd never know she invented the Miracle Mop and other creations. What we mostly see are images of Joy's various life-phases, from college student to married woman to corporate honcho, all set -- ironically, perhaps -- to the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

"Joy" may also depict its subject as a bit of a rebel: The trailer includes shots of her smashing a wall, getting arrested and firing off several rounds from a pump-action shotgun.

"Joy" is set for a Christmas Day release.