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Super fans shed light on DC’s ‘Justice League’ heroes

Superman has been described as

Superman has been described as "the moral compass of the Justice League." Credit: AP / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

This weekend justice will be served as Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Cyborg and Superman unite to save humanity in DC’s long-awaited “Justice League” film.

“The Justice League protects the whole Earth rather than just a city. They take on the big stuff you need everyone for, like a major crisis,” says Terence Fischette, manager of 4th World Comics in Smithtown. “Together they are an unstoppable team with no flaws.”

Get to know these superheroes through 4th World customers who are super fans who regularly read and collect memorabilia on their favorite Justice League members:



ALTER EGO Clark Kent

COMES FROM Planet Krypton/Metropolis

SUPER POWERS Flying, unbreakable strength, heat vision, cold breath, X-ray vision and super hearing.

Sure, the Man of Steel might have died at the end of the last film (“Batman v Superman”), but this Kryptonian has healing and regenerative powers. Hint: Expect a comeback.

“Superman is the moral compass of the Justice League,” says Jason D’Angelo, 39, of East Northport. “He keeps the members levelheaded and is constantly pushing them to do the right thing. Superman’s always looking for the good and keeps on the straight path.”



ALTER EGO Bruce Wayne

COMES FROM Gotham City

SUPER POWERS Sharp detective intellect, peak physical condition, handcrafted weaponry and ninja-like fighting skills.

Dark and gritty are two words that best describe the Dark Knight. He’s a man of action and few words, but whenever he speaks it’s with purpose. Seeing the death of Superman has brought him back to search for justice once again.

“Batman is the absolute backbone of the Justice League, holding everything together,” says Ray Casimano, 27, of North Babylon. “He strikes fear into people and is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.”



ALTER EGO Diana Prince

COMES FROM Themyscira

SUPER POWERS Demigod strength, deflection bracelets that can make energy blasts and a golden lasso that gets people to tell the truth.

Known for her optimistic outlook, Wonder Woman has a strong hope for humanity. She is a bright spot in any dark situation and an ace on the battlefield.

“Wonder Woman is the heart of the Justice League. She has the ability to unite all the other members,” says Jason Mehrtens, 43, of Bay Shore. “She stands for peace, love and compassion.”



ALTER EGO Arthur Curry


SUPER POWERS Super strength, ability to breathe under water, aqua telepathy and a magical trident, which allows him to control oceans and storms.

This half-man/half-Atlantean is like an underwater Thor who is always trying to do the best for everyone.

“Aquaman is torn between two worlds,” says James Chichester, 27, of Medford. “He is caught between going back to Atlantis to be king and staying on Earth to help the Justice League.”



ALTER EGO Victor Stone


SUPER POWERS Ability to connect to any type of cybernetic or technological network with ease.

After getting caught in an explosion, Cyborg, a former college athlete, gets rebuilt to become part man, part computer. However, this accident has made him even more empathetic toward humans.

“Cyborg is the strong rock you can lean on and somebody you feel comfortable confiding in,” says Mark Bogan, 36, of Amityville. “He’s always about the team and protecting those without powers.”



ALTER EGO Barry Allen

COMES FROM Central City

SUPER POWERS Has super speed, which allows him to change his voice, phase through objects by vibrating the molecules in his body, time travel and alter timelines.

Gaining access to an energy source called the Speed Force, the Flash does everything quickly and with sharp wit.

“The Flash is highly underrated. He has so much power, but no one recognizes it because he never takes the spotlight,” says Joey Gentile, 16, of Smithtown. “He is the comedic relief of the Justice League who does a lot of legwork because he can move faster than the other members.”

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