Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Leap Year' a contrived comedy

Maybe it's because flame-haired Amy Adams looks so good in green that she wound up in a movie like "Leap Year" . . . but, yeah, that's weak. So is the movie, a subtle-as-a-shillelagh romantic comedy in which Adams' oh-so-fussy character, Anna, follows her boyfriend (Adam Scott) to Ireland so she can exercise the matrimonial tradition of Leap Year - when a woman can propose to the man of her choice on Feb. 29.

This will, naturally, help her marry a guy who doesn't quite want to marry her, and the indignity of the role is not something one wants to see imposed on the spunky Adams. Neither is the Goodwill wardrobe she's forced to wear like sausage casing, but the real problem is the script. It's never quite funny, the plot is older than the Druids, and everyone's inexplicably nasty - including Declan (Matthew Goode), the guy Anna initially hates but will, of course, eventually love.

The warring couple's contrived trip to Dublin from Dingle (a lovely place, made to look here like a Third World Irish armpit) is as trying for us as it is for them. Anand Tucker (who directed a third of the brilliant, upcoming "Red Riding Trilogy") must have figured his audience has seen this type of thing so often it would subconsciously fill in all the gaping dramatic blanks. He was wrong.

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