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Good Morning

Minions get their own breakfast cereal

The supermarket cereal aisle has become the Minions' dominion. The adorable if inept yellow stars of the animated "Despicable Me" spinoff that will hit theaters on Friday, July 10 are also the stars of General Mills' Minions cereal. (They are also featured on the boxes of six other General Mills cereals.)

Will Minions cereal bowl you over? Here's our take.

THE PACKAGE There's no mistaking what this product is, especially with Stuart (the Minion with one eye), Kevin (the one with a tuft of hair) and Bob on the front of the box. On the back, kids and their parents can have some breakfast table fun trying to spot the 10 differences in the two images showing a scene with the Minions.

THE CEREAL If you find the Minions so cute, you could just gobble them up, here's your chance. Each sugary square is adorned with either Stuart, Kevin or Bob. The cereal resembles General Mills' Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but is banana berry flavored.

SUGAR RUSH (8 out of 10) -- We all know the Minions are sweet, but they have nothing on this cereal. We recommend adding some actual sliced banana and a few berries.

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