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Movie buzz: 'Blade Runner' sequel

Harrison Ford stars as Deckard in the Classic

Harrison Ford stars as Deckard in the Classic futuristic thriller "Blade Runner." Credit: USA Networks

WHO Harrison Ford

THE MOVIE "Blade Runner" sequel

THE DEAL Director Ridley Scott has made a public casting call for Harrison Ford to appear in the sequel to "Blade Runner." Scott's 1982 sci-fi noir starred Ford in one of his signature roles as Rick Deckard, a cop who hunts humanoid "replicants" in the future. Referring to the new film's lead role, Scott told the U.K.'s Independent, "I don't think it'll be Harry. ... But I've got to have him in it somewhere. That'd be amusing." The actor and director famously butted heads during the original production, though they now appear to be on good terms.

THE MOVIE "A Cat in Paris"

THE DEAL Almost nobody on the East Coast had seen this French production when it was nominated for best animated film at February's Oscars, but it screens locally tonight as part of the Furman Film Series. It's the story of a little mute girl, Zoe, and her pet, Dino, who is quite literally a cat burglar. Marcia Gay Harden, Anjelica Huston and Matthew Modine provide the voices. Dave Jesteadt, who helped produce this English-language version, will speak after the screening.

INFO Thursday night at 7:30 at Squire Cinemas, 115 Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck. Tickets are $15-$20. 516-829-2570;

THE MOVIE "Moonrise Kingdom"

THE DEAL The latest film from Wes Anderson, about a New England town searching for two vanished 12-year-olds (both played by first-time actors), set a box-office record over the weekend, according to reports. Its debut per-theater average of $130,752 handily topped that of "Dreamgirls," which in 2006 claimed the top spot with $126,000. Anderson's film, which also stars Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and Edward Norton (Bridgehampton's Bob Balaban narrates), is currently in only four theaters but is expected to play at local venues June 15. (Huntington's Cinema Arts Centre has scheduled a members-only preview on June 12.)

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