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Movie Buzz: Comic-Con fans hunger for 'Hunger Games,' part 2

THE MOVIE "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 2"

THE DEAL The upcoming finale of the teen-dystopian franchise generated more excitement than any other movie during last week's Comic-Con in San Diego, at least according to Twitter. Among 2.9 million convention-related tweets, "Mockingjay" was the most-mentioned movie, ahead of "Batman vs. Superman," "Star Wars: Episode 7," "Suicide Squad" and "Justice League." The ranking suggests that women were joining, if not leading, the social-media conversation at an event long considered a boys' club. Perhaps not surprisingly, the most tweeted-about celebrity at Comic-Con was "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence.

WHO The Sonics


THE DEAL Three filmmakers are spearheading an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a documentary about The Sonics, a Pacific Northwest garage band that released three albums during the 1960s. Though never a mainstream success, the band would later be named as favorites of Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, The White Stripes and others. The Sonics reunited in 2007 and caught the interest of director Jordan Albertson ("The Standard"), who began working on the documentary. According to the film's Indiegogo page, Albertson has shot about one-quarter of the film and needs $50,000 to complete it.

WHO Vincent Price

THE DEAL Local filmmaker and film historian Glenn Andriev will deliver a presentation on one of cinema's most enduring horror-movie icons. Andriev's discussion, which includes film clips, will cover a wide range of Price's career, including his famous Edgar Allan Poe cycle (with filmmaker Roger Corman) and his campier, funnier films from the 1970s.

INFO Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. Tickets are $10. 631-423-7611;

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