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Movie buzz: Smiths reunion 'Soon'?

Act: Morrissey Date: Jan. 19 Info: The legendary

Act: Morrissey
Date: Jan. 19
Info: The legendary British singer and former Smiths frontman will hit up The Cap as part of his U.S. tour this winter.

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WHO Morrissey

THE MOVIE "How Soon Is Never?"

THE DEAL The Smiths, the miserablist rock band led by the one-named singer Morrissey, may play a key role in this independent film, says. Produced by Milo Ventimiglia (NBC's "Heroes"), who will also star, the movie is based on an autobiographical novel by L.I.-raised Marc Spitz about a rock journalist who tries to give his life meaning by reuniting the band, which split acrimoniously in 1987. The film, scheduled to start production next year, takes its title from one of the band's best-loved songs, "How Soon Is Now?" The producers are reportedly trying to obtain rights to the band's music.


THE MOVIE "Tales of the Night"

THE DEAL The last entry of the Cinema 4 Kids series is a little-seen work from French filmmaker Michel Ocelot ("Kirikou and the Sorceress"). Compiled from episodes of his television series "Dragons et princesses," it's an 84-minute work of silhouette animation -- the effect is something like shadow puppetry -- that spins tales of werewolves, sorcerers, talking bees and other magical creatures.

INFO Friday at noon at Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. Tickets are $11. 631-423-7610;


THE MOVIE "Planes"

THE DEAL DisneyToon Studios is set to release this animated film Aug. 9, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It's a show of faith in a project that was originally headed straight to home video. The film is inspired by Pixar's "Cars" but is not from Pixar, despite being overseen by that studio's chief creative officer, John Lasseter. Little else is known about it, though Jon Cryer, once said to be the lead voice actor, is no longer involved. As for Pixar's "Cars" franchise, it hit a bump last year when "Cars 2" was panned by critics, though it still earned $559.8 million worldwide.

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