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New movies, TV shows hitting Netflix in April

Looking for something new to watch? There are tons of movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in April. From "The Babadook" to the final season of "Sons of Anarchy," here are just a few of the titles available for instant streaming.

'Baby Daddy,' Season 4

After an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl at
Photo Credit: ABC Family

After an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl at his front door, bachelor Ben Wheeler, played by Jean-Luc Bilodeau ("LOL," "Kyle XY"), must find a way to handle fatherhood with the help of his mother, brother and friends while growing up himself in "Baby Daddy." The show's fourth season is available to stream on April 17.

'Life Partners'

Leighton Meester (
Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Leighton Meester ("Gossip Girl") and Gillian Jacobs ("Community") star in "Life Partners," a film about a pair of best friends whose friendship must change after one of them gets into a serious relationship. "Life Partners" is available to stream on April 2.

'The Identical'

Photo Credit: Katherine Bomboy Thornton

In "The Identical," Blake Rayne stars as both Drexel Hemsley and Ryan Wade, identical twins separated at birth during the Great Depression. "The Identical" is available to watch on Netflix on April 12. While Hemsley finds himself as a 1950's rocker, Wade tries to find his place in the world, trapped between his dreams of becoming a musician and his parents' dreams of him becoming a preacher. The brothers' worlds soon collide, however, when Wade launches his music career -- singing the songs of Drexel Hemsley.

'The Quiet Ones'

Photo Credit: AP

"The Quiet Ones" stars Jared Harris ("Lincoln") as a college professor who sets out to prove that poltergeists and the paranormal are all manifestations of the mind. After enlisting his best students, including "Hunger Games" star Sam Claflin, to push a young woman to the brink of sanity as a part of the experiment, he soon realizes that they have conjured up something far more sinister than they could have ever imagined. "The Quiet Ones" is available to stream on April 3.

'Sons of Anarchy,' Season 7

Photo Credit: FX / Michael Yarish

"Sons of Anarchy" shows the trials and tribulations the members of a tight-knit, outlaw motorcycle gang must deal with in their own lives while living in the heart of the fictional town Charming, California. The show's final season is available to stream on April 25.

'National Treasure'

Nicolas Cage stars in
Photo Credit: AP

Nicolas Cage stars in "National Treasure" as Ben Gates, a historian and code-breaker who is in search of treasure dating back to the Founding Fathers. Gates, with the help of a computer tech and a history expert, must steal the Declaration of Independence and find the treasure before it's too late. "National Treasure" will be available to watch on April 27.

'Hot Fuzz'

Photo Credit: AP

"Hot Fuzz" stars Simon Pegg ("Shaun of the Dead") as a London cop who's been paired with a witless partner after being assigned to watch a quiet English village. While on assignment, Pegg discovers a dire scheme among the residents. "Hot Fuzz" will be available to watch on April 16.

'Wilfred,' Season 4

The FX comedy series
Photo Credit: FX

The FX comedy series "Wilfred" stars Elijah Wood as a manic-depressive man named Ryan who is asked to watch his neighbor's dog, Wilfred. However, Ryan does not see Wilfred as a canine -- he sees him as a man in a cheap dog costume. The fourth and final season of "Wilfred" is available to watch on April 7.

'The Babadook'

Photo Credit: TNS / Matt Nettheim

"The Babadook" takes horror to a new level when a widow's young son begins having nightmares about a monster in their home. The boy's mother, played by Essie Davis ("The Matrix Revolutions"), soon realizes that perhaps her son isn't lying about the monster who came from within the pages of a children's book. "The Babadook" will be available to stream on April 14.


Russell Crowe plays the title role in
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures / Niko Tavernise

Russell Crowe plays the title role in "Noah," based on the biblical story of a man who is chosen by God to take on a mission before a monumental flood covers the world. "Noah" will be available to stream on April 18.


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