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New on DVD: 'District 9,' '500 Days of Summer'

DISTRICT 9 (R) 3.5 stars

PLOT In an alternative Johannesburg, a human seeks refuge in an alien ghetto. One of the most inventive sci-fi films of the year.

EXTRAS Director's commentary, filmmakers' log, featurettes

LIST PRICES Blu-ray: $39.95; 2-disc DVD: $36.95; DVD: $28.96

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER (PG-13) 3 stars

PLOT This romance, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, understands that we mark our lives by our scrapes and defeats with love rather than by the white-wedding-cake successes.

EXTRAS Commentary track featuring director Marc Webb, writer Michael Weber, co-writer Scott Neustadter, and Gordon-Levitt; deleted scenes.

LIST PRICES Blu-ray: $39.99; DVD: $29.98

ALL ABOUT STEVE (PG-13) (No stars)

PLOT This gruesome, almost perversely unfunny movie about a crossword puzzle constructor (Sandra Bullock) who obsessively follows a man (Bradley Cooper) across the country, may qualify as the most misguided move of Bullock's career.

EXTRAS Audio commentary from Bullock, Cooper and others; Deleted/alternate scenes; gag reel

LIST PRICES Blu-ray: $39.99; DVD: $29.98

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