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‘Ocean’s 8’ releases first trailer with Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, more

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The first trailer for the female-cast caper movie "Ocean's 8" has been released. The movie will hit theaters in June 2018. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Congenital con artist Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), part of the Danny Ocean crime-caper family, assembles a team to stage a Met Gala heist in Warner Bros.’ first trailer for the all-star “Ocean’s 8.”

“If I were to be released,” Debbie tells a parole board in the first seconds of the trailer, which dropped Tuesday, “I would just want the simple life. I just wanna hold down a job, make some friends . . . you know, pay my bills.” And no sooner than she’s out, she and cohort Lou (Cate Blanchett) have a meal at the venerable East Village eatery Veselka, indeed discussing Debbie’s next job. “Why do you need to do this?” Lou asks incredulously of Debbie’s grandiose plan to rob a $100 million necklace from rich lady Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway). “ ’Cause it’s what I’m good at,” Debbie responds.

As Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 feminist kitsch-classic, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin,’ ” plays, the two gather a gang: Amita (Mindy Kaling) to make counterfeit jewelry for the heist. Then a hacker named Nine Ball (Rihanna). “What’s your real name?” Debbie asks. “Eight Ball,” answers Nine Ball. Rose (Helena Bonham Carter) appears to be a failing fashion designer. Constance (Queens native Awkwafina) is a three-card monte hustler and pickpocket. And Tammy (Sarah Paulson) is a rich suburban mom who nonetheless can’t resist Debbie’s charms. Who’s the eighth? Who knows?

Elsewhere in the trailer for “Ocean’s,” directed and co-written by Gary Ross (“Pleasantville,” “Seabiscuit,” “The Hunger Games”) and set for release June 8, Debbie threatens a handsome man (Richard Armitage); a character played by James Corden warns Debbie about the cost of revenge; and Lou advises her, “Do not run a job in a job.”

Of course there are Brink’s trucks, Lou and Amita posing as kitchen staff, Constance dressed as suit-and-tie security — and Debbie having a martini in the family crypt, sitting before a tomb marked “Danny Ocean 1961-2018.” And though Matt Damon, who played Linus Caldwell in the 2001-07 “Ocean’s” trilogy, doesn’t appear in the trailer, his confirmed cameo in the film further strengthens the connection with those originals.

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