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Oscars ‘Daily Bite’: Charlotte Rampling, 70, gets first Oscar nomination, for ‘45 Years’

Charlotte Rampling in "45 Years."

Charlotte Rampling in "45 Years." Credit: Sundance Selects / Agatha A. Nitecka

At 70 — just five months older than “Creed” nominee Sylvester Stallone — Charlotte Rampling is the eldest of this year’s Oscar hopefuls in all four acting categories.

Her first Oscar nod, as best actress for “45 Years,” comes 51 years after her screen debut with an uncredited bit in Richard Lester’s sex romp “The Knack . . . and How to Get It.” Though never a box-office name, in those five-plus decades she’s worked with top-flight directors like Woody Allen (1980’s “Stardust Memories”), Luchino Visconti (“The Damned” from 1969) and Sidney Lumet (the 1982 courtroom drama “The Verdict”), and attracted attention with her dramatic turns as Lynn Redgrave’s shallow roomie in “Georgy Girl” (1966) and a femme fatale who tempts detective Philip Marlowe (Robert Mitchum) in “Farewell My Lovely” (1975).

For cult movie fans, her most memorable role was as a concentration camp victim involved in a bizarre sexual relationship with a Nazi officer (Dirk Bogarde) in “The Night Porter” (1974).

In “45 Years,” Rampling has earned some of the best notices of her career as a seemingly happily married woman whose relationship with her husband (Tom Courtenay) begins to unravel when the body of his old girlfriend is recovered many years later. Whether Rampling wins or not, let’s hope she’ll have a shorter wait for her next nomination.

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