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Oscars ‘Daily Bite’: Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in ‘The Revenant’ might help him land Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio's intense performance in "The Revenant" has

Leonardo DiCaprio's intense performance in "The Revenant" has impressed critics. Credit: 20th Century Fox

At the moment, Leonardo DiCaprio is a member of a rather small club: world-famous, critically acclaimed, highly bankable movie stars who have never won an acting Oscar.

Others include Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, all three-time nominees; Matt Damon, whose third nomination came this year for “The Martian”; and Ben Affleck, who has never been nominated for any role. Some of these fellows have won Oscars for their work behind the camera, but never for their acting.

For DiCaprio, that will probably change this year. He plays Hugh Glass, a real-life frontiersman famous for surviving a grizzly bear attack, in Alejandro Iñárritu’s “The Revenant.” Although DiCaprio does more screaming than talking in the film, he impressed the critics, who praised his intensity and commitment. What’s more, “The Revenant” has slowly crept to the front of the Oscars race and now seems to be an odds-on favorite for best director and best picture.

At the Golden Globes, where DiCaprio won for the role and smiled through a lengthy standing ovation, he delivered a gracious and modest speech, though he also refused to stop when the music began playing him off. “Thank you,” he said. “This means a lot.”

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