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Owen Wilson turns action star in upcoming 'No Escape'

Owen Wilson in a scene from his upcoming

Owen Wilson in a scene from his upcoming action flick, "No Escape." Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company via YouTube

First Liam Neeson got into the action-hero game, then came Sean Penn. Now, it's Owen Wilson's turn.

Wilson is the star of "No Escape," an international thriller set in Southeast Asia. Wilson plays a man trying to protect his family during a violent political uprising. The cast also includes Pierce Brosnan and Lake Bell. The studio, The Weinstein Company, released a trailer for the movie Thursday.

It's an unusual move for Wilson, an actor known mostly for such comedies as "The Royal Tenenbaums," "Zoolander" and "Night at the Museum." Though Wilson starred in a couple of action comedies with Jackie Chan ("Shanghai Noon" and "Shanghai Knights"), this new film appears to be serious business. With its images of riots, fist-fights and helicopters, "No Escape" promises large-scale action, explosions and stunts.

Neeson clearly started this trend with "Taken," the stripped-down action flick from 2008 that proved a surprise hit and spawned two sequels. Sean Penn follows this month with "The Gunman," which also includes an element of political unrest in a foreign locale.

"No Escape" is set for release September 2.

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