"Call Me Francesco," a biopic on Pope Francis, will have its world premiere at the Vatican on Dec. 1, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film is scheduled to arrive Dec. 3 in Italian theaters on 700 screens.

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"Call Me Francesco" follows the pope from his youth in Argentina, when he was known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, to his ascension to the papacy. The young Bergoglio will be played by Argentinian actor Rodrigo De La Serna. The film's story ends March 13, 2013, the day Francis was elected pope.

The film is directed by Daniele Luchetti and produced by Mediaset's Tao Due.

News of the biopic comes on the heels of the pope's announcement that he will release a rock-style album titled "Wake Up!" on Nov. 27. The album will feature the pope -- who once performed in a prog-rock band called Le Orme in the 1970s -- speaking in various languages over music with horns and electric guitar.