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Renee Zellweger in 'My One and Only'

There's something eminently appealing about the way Renée Zellweger's circa-1953 New York City socialite dispenses with her philandering husband in the lovely little bit of nostalgia that is "My One and Only."

She tosses some clothes in a suitcase; pushes the other woman out the door just for good measure; cleans out the safe deposit box; pulls her sons out of prep school, and sets off on a grand adventure in a baby-blue Coupe deVille.

Anne (Zellweger) may not be the nurturing kind, but she's got a mother's instinct for self-preservation, and she's determined to find a suitable replacement for her ex, a bandleader smoothly played by Kevin Bacon, before the money runs out. That she's many years beyond her courting prime hasn't quite registered yet.

As 15-year-old George (Logan Lerman), behind the wheel for the first time in his life, glances in the rearview mirror, Anne looks over and says, don't bother, it's only what's ahead of you that matters. (George, by the way, and the film itself, is very loosely based on the actor George Hamilton and his memories of that time in his life.)

In British director Richard Loncraine's good hands, the film becomes a bittersweet excursion through the country at a time when you could still depend on the kindness of strangers. It's the people Anne knows who turn out to be the problem.

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