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Rob Zombie to direct new 'Munsters' movie

Rocker Rob Zombie is set to direct a

Rocker Rob Zombie is set to direct a new movie about "The Munsters." Credit: Getty Images / Michael Tran

Rock star and filmmaker Rob Zombie is set to helm the latest revival of the 1964–66 CBS sitcom "The Munsters."

"Attention Boils and Ghouls! The rumors are true!" punned Zombie, 55, on Instagram. "My next film project will be the one I've been chasing for 20 years! THE MUNSTERS! Stay tuned for exciting details as things progress!" Among his hashtags was "#universalstudios," suggesting that one of NBCUniversal's studio complexes in Los Angeles and Orlando, Florida, are involved.

Zombie, born Robert Bartleh Cummings, is a longtime fan of the show about a family of friendly monsters living in American suburbia. The series originally starred Fred Gwynne and Yvonne De Carlo as parents Herman and Lily Munster, Al Lewis as Lily's father, Butch Patrick as son Eddie, and first Beverley Owen and later Pat Priest as niece Marilyn. It spawned a 1966 theatrical film, a 1987-91 syndicated sequel series, four TV movies from 1981 to 2012 — the last of which was directed by X-Men film-series director Bryan Singer — and a 1973 animated episode of "The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie."

Zombie, alongside original-series star Patrick, contributed to Shout! Factory's 2020 Blu-ray release of the 1966 movie, "Munster, Go Home!," and Zombie's 1998 song "Dragula," from the album "Hellbilly Deluxe," is an homage to the hot-rod dragster driven by Lewis' vampire character, Grandpa. It was unclear if Zombie is anticipating a theatrical or streaming release for his movie.

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