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'Selma' returns to theaters March 20

The movie "Selma" won Oscar nominations for best

The movie "Selma" won Oscar nominations for best picture and best song. Credit: AP / Atsushi Nishijima

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the civil rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, Paramount Pictures will re-release its Oscar-winning film “Selma" nationwide Friday.

Some theaters will offer a limited-time deal of two tickets for the price of one.

Re-releasing the film may be Paramount's attempt to inject fresh life into a well-received movie that lost traction during last year's awards season.

"Selma" arrived on Christmas Day along with many other Oscar contenders and got somewhat lost in the shuffle. Good reviews and solid word of mouth helped the film earn a respectable $51 million at the box offfice. When awards were handed out, though, "Selma" was largely ignored. The film earned a nod for a best picture Oscar, but its director, Ava DuVernay, was not nominated in the directing category. "Selma" did win an Oscar and a Golden Globe for its closing theme song, "Glory," by Common (who appears in the movie) and John Legend.

Since the movie's release, the film has regularly made arts-section headlines. When Oscar nominations were announced, revealing the first all-white list of acting nominees in years, critics pointed to the omission of David Oyelowo (who plays Martin Luther King, Jr., in "Selma") as an example of entrenched racism in the Academy. Manhola Dargis, film critic at The New York Times, wrote several stories holding up DuVernay as the rare example of a female director working in Hollywood.

Controversy over the film's accuracy, and stories noting that King's family did not license his speeches to the film, also helped keep its name in the media.

In January, Paramount launched a marketing campaign to screen "Selma" free in schools around the country. An estimated 320,000 students saw the PG-13 film, according to Paramount.

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