A look at Elizabeth Taylor's seven husbands and eight marriages:

Conrad Nicholson (Nicky) Hilton Jr. (May 6, 1950-Jan. 29, 1951). The ceremony, at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, drew 700 guests and five times as many gawkers. The couple spent a week in Carmel, followed by a five-month honeymoon in Europe. They were divorced nine months after she and the hotel heir were married.

Michael Wilding (Feb. 21, 1952-Jan. 26, 1957) One of Britain's most popular musical actors, he was 20 years Taylor's senior. Divorced four years -- and two sons -- later.

Michael Todd (Feb. 2, 1957-March 22, 1958). On the day after Taylor announced she was leaving Wilding, she got a call from another suitor -- the showboating producer Michael Todd.

On the night Todd premiered "Around the World in 80 Days," he presented Taylor with an engagement ring one inch across, five-eights of an inch deep and priced somewhere around $100,000.

But Todd was never just another in Taylor's long litany of husbands; he was one of the two great loves of her life (and the father of her daughter, Liza).

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He was killed on  March 23, 1958, in a plane crash over the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico, a flight she might have been on had she not had a virus. Taylor was devastated.

Eddie Fisher (May 12, 1959-March 6, 1964). The handsome singer and Mike Todd's close pal was married to Debbie Reynolds (their storybook marriage was on the rocks, but that was not yet public knowledge). Not long after Todd's fatal plane crash, Liz and Eddie were spotted together in public.

And while they insisted they were old friends linked by their love of Todd, not their love of each other, the tabloid headlines told otherwise. There was nothing left for Taylor to do but marry Eddie Fisher, and she did.

But all this was merely a prelude to the storm that erupted a few years later when Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love during the filming of "Cleopatra," the ill-fated $35 million spectacle whose operatic excesses formed a fitting backdrop to their own.

Richard Burton I (March 15, 1964-June 26, 1974). Both Burton, who had two young daughters, and Taylor, who had just adopted a baby girl, have since insisted that they tried to stave off romance. But when it happened, it was like their personalities -- explosive.

Le Scandale! That's what they called it when the affair became public in early 1962. And it seemed to eclipse nearly everything else that happened that year. Their stormy, boozy screaming matches -- "Virginia Woolf" played out before our very eyes -- kept the crowd riveted for a decade.

Richard Burton II (Oct. 10, 1975-July 29, 1976). But Liz and Dick couldn't stay away from each other. A little more than a year after their divorce, they remarried in a ceremony in Botswana. Nine months later, though, the remarriage was history.

John Warner (Dec. 4, 1976-Nov. 7, 1982). The Republican senator from Virginia was a little too bland for someone used to the fast lanes. It was also 3,000 miles from her family, and Taylor quickly became lonely, unhappy and overweight.

Larry Fortensky (Oct. 6, 1991-Oct. 31, 1996). A construction worker 20 years her junior whom she met at the Betty Ford Clinic. They were married at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch; the singer gave away the bride.