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Long Island movie theaters to screen ‘The Room’

Tommy Wiseau stars in a 2003 film "The

Tommy Wiseau stars in a 2003 film "The Room" Credit: Wiseau Film

“The Room,” a movie so bad they made a whole other movie about it, plays Wednesday at several Long Island theaters, offering curious moviegoers a rare chance to see the inspiration for James Franco’s Golden Globe-winning comedy “The Disaster Artist.”

Written, directed and produced by a mysterious individual named Tommy Wiseau, “The Room” opened in Los Angeles in June of 2003 following a costly, self-invented promotional campaign (including a billboard with Wiseau’s face). At the premiere, most of the audience reportedly demanded its money back within the first 30 minutes. Word soon spread, however, that this film was a unique kind of awful, with low production values, an incoherent plot and truly mystifying dialogue, all of which steadily turned “The Room” into a cult hit.

Franco won a Golden Globe recently for playing the eccentric Wiseau in “The Disaster Artist,” but chances are most moviegoers have yet to see “The Room” itself. The movie isn’t on iTunes, Netflix or Amazon prime. It can be found on DVD, but the best way to see this cinematic achievement -- it’s still often cited as the worst film ever made -- is on the big screen, just as Wiseau intended.

Screenings are Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Farmingdale Multiplex Cinemas, Roslyn Cinemas and Island 16 Cinema De Lux in Holtsville. Tickets are $12-$13.50. For more information go to

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