After her mother's remarriage, Bella Swan has moved away from sunny Phoenix, relocating to the constantly foggy, rainy coastal town of Forks, Wash. with her chief of police father. She quickly rekindles her friendship with childhood pal, Jacob, son of her father's best friend Billy Black.

As Bella starts school, she sits next to Edward Cullen in biology class. Edward ignores and avoids Bella before disappearing for days. Upon his return, his attitude toward Bella has changed, becoming much more friendly and outgoing.

Later, Bella lingers in the parking lot when another car suddenly loses control and begins hurtling toward her. In an instant Edward is between Bella and the approaching van, stopping it with his bare hand.

Walking at La Push Beach, Jacob tells Bella about an old Quileute legend that says his people descend from wolves and that the Cullens come from a rival clan. Bella, wanting to investigate further, visits a Quileute book store to learn more about the legends.

Bella, having determined Edward’s true nature, soon confronts him, saying he is a vampire and does not scare her. The pair start dating, a progression that is met with mixed reviews from both her friends and his clan.

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It isn’t long before the pair cross paths with an unknown group of nomad vampires, and Bella becomes the “hunt of a lifetime” for the group’s tracker, James.

His pursuit of Bella leads him to Phoenix, where he tricks her into leaving the protection of the Cullens. A few dramatic scenes, cuts bruises, broken bones and a vampire bite later, Edward comes to Bella’s rescue, sucking poison from her wound and keeping her from being transformed into one of his kind.

Back in Forks, Bella attends prom with Edward, her leg in a cast. In the final scene, Victoria, the now dead James’ mate, watches the pair dancing together before she walks away, smiling.

‘New Moon’
The second installment of the "Twilight" series begins on Bella Swan’s birthday when her father, Charlie, wishes her a happy birthday; she is now 18.

The Cullens have decided to throw Bella a birthday party where she sustains a minor paper cut. Bella is now faced by a room full of vampires, crazy over the scent of her oozing blood.

The next day Edward informs Bella that he and his family are leaving and she cannot come with or see them again.

After many months of screaming in her sleep and waking Charlie, a despondent Bella attempts to become more social in order to appease her fretting father.

Despite Edward’s final words urging her not to do anything reckless, she decides to do just the opposite, and begins seeing ghostly visions of Edward’s floating head warning her to stop.

Bella turns to Jacob, and their relationship soon seems as if it’s growing into something more than friendship. While out to see a movie with Bella and another of her school friends, she notes that Jacob is over heating, and he quickly leaves adding that he doesn’t know what’s happening to him.

Bella later tries calling Jacob but cannot reach him. She decides to confront Jacob and finds that he has changed, cutting his hair and getting a tattoo. Annoyed, Bella goes to a meadow trying to “see” Edward again, but instead is faced by an enemy vampire from the first movie.

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Startled by the Cullen’s absence, the vampire, Laurent, aims to devour the helpless Bella, but a pack of super-sized wolves jump in to take care of the vamp. It’s soon revealed that Jacob is in fact one of the werewolves and Bella becomes a part of a second supernatural clan.

Later, Bella decides to go cliff jumping to prove a point. But Edward and his clairvoyant sister, Alice, perceive this to be a suicide attempt.

Elsewhere, Edward, receiving misinformation of Bella’s “death,” decides to go to the Volturi, a powerful vampire clan in Italy, in an attempt to end his life as well. Bella and Alice reunite and rush to intercept Edward before it’s too late.

After much debate, Aro, the leader of the Volturi, agrees to let the Cullens change Bella into a vampire, but warns that they do it soon as they will not be given a second chance. Back in Washington, Edward tells Bella that if she wants him to turn her, she’ll have to marry him first.

As Eclipse begins, a young man, Riley, walks alone, feeling like he is being followed. A blur whirls past him, leaving him with what appears to be a bite mark on his hand. The movie cuts to Edward and Bella, the star-crossed lovers, who joke back and forth about getting married and changing Bella into a vampire.

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When Bella returns home, Charlie urges her to contact Jacob. A voice-over from Bella reveals that Jacob hasn’t spoken to her in weeks.

Edward tells Bella that the Cullens believe a recent string of murders and disappearances to be the work of vampires.

As a gift, Edward takes Bella on a trip to Jacksonville, Fla., to visit her mother, while the remainder of the Cullen clan hunts the vampire Victoria, who has again returned to Forks.

Upon Bella and Edward’s return from Florida Jacob informs her that Edward kept Victoria’s presence from her, and in anger Bella gets on Jacob’s bike and the pair ride to the reservation. It is there that Bella learns of the process of “imprinting,” a bond that unites a male and female as soul mates.

The Cullens, following the progression of events on Seattle’s news coverage, quickly determine that this has to be a pack of newborns, a dangerous time in the life of a vampire when they are the most vicious and uncontrollable. Someone is creating an army of these new, fierce predators.

Following another of Alice’s visions, the Cullens realize the army of newborns are coming to Forks to kill Bella.

After a vivid dream sequence, Bella awakes and realizes that Victoria is the mastermind behind the army coming for them. Amid all of the chaos, Edward, determined to marry Bella, asks her once more getting down on one knee and presenting her with a ring that belonged to his mother.

Bella says yes. As the epic fight ensues, Edward, who has remained vigilantly by Bella’s side, ultimately triumphs over Victoria, and over the rest of her army.

Battle wounds from their ordeal begin to heal and much to Alice’s delight, she is finally able to start planning Edward and Bella’s wedding.