It’s hard to root against Lee DeWyze.
    He seems like a nice guy. He seems like a hard worker, with nice folks and a nice Midwestern upbringing. He has a good voice, and, more importantly, a sellable one, like Chad Kroeger or that dude who sings “Lips of an Angel.”
    And I’m 95 percent sure he’s going to be crowned the next “American Idol.” But, man, I’m hoping that 5 percent chance comes true. It’s not just because Crystal Bowersox was better than him – though she was almost indisputably better and that’s the reason I’m not 99.99 percent sure. It’s because a DeWyze win, paired with Kris Allen’s victory over Adam Lambert last year, would pretty much seal the inevitable split between “American Idol” and the music industry.
    As a whole, the people who watch and vote for “American Idol” value different things than the majority of people who buy and go see music. Yes, there have been years when the two groups agreed, but it’s been five years since Carrie Underwood was crowned and there hasn’t been a superstar “Idol” winner since. Current arena-filler Chris Daughtry came in fourth, remember?
    Maybe Simon Cowell’s new show will rebuild the coalition of music fans and TV fans, but right now, “Idol” is on a different course from the musical mainstream.
    For those looking for a little more science for tonight’s “Idol,” both and are calling it for DeWyze.