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AMERICAN IDOL 9: Top 12 (Rolling Stones Week)

AMERICAN IDOL: Crystal Bowersox arrives on the red

AMERICAN IDOL: Crystal Bowersox arrives on the red carpet at the AMERICAN IDOL TOP 12 Party at Industry on Thursday, March 11 in Hollywood, CA. Photo Credit: Fox

    Rolling Stones week was a bad idea.
    What is Simon Cowell’s mantra? No, not, “I have a lot of money.” The other one: “This is a singing competition.” As good as Mick Jagger’s vocals are, he is legendary because of his performance – the attitude, the defiance, the raw power. These poor “Idol” kids didn’t stand a chance.
    Casey James comes closest (and, by closest, I mean, “in the same hemisphere”) to Jagger’s appeal and it worked for him, making his blues-rock version of “It’s All Over Now.” Lee Dewyze improved by adopting a John Mayer-ish acoustic approach, which Ellen DeGeneres called him out for. As “the rocker,” Dewyze should have been all over a Stones classic, but wasn’t.
    Siobhan Magnus did well by short-circuiting the whole thing. Yeah, she had some pitch problems and not enough performance dynamics to match the arrangement of the song. But oh that scream! While Cowell keeps talking about “moments,” which Siobhan clearly had, he tends to discount the overall performance, which Siobhan has yet to nail. She’s getting closer, though.
    Crystal Bowersox’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” had the attitude and the defiance down, though not quite the power. I think Cowell and Kara Dioguardi were trying to help her by pointing out how Bowersox’s ease could be misinterpreted as overconfidence. But once again, Bowersox showed why she’s the one to beat.
    Tim Urban’s Jason Mraz-ish take on “Under My Thumb” was actually unbelievable, considering that his fanbase is mostly female. He sang the song of dominating a girl like he didn’t understand the lyrics. Of course, he probably won’t go home this week, because much of his fanbase wasn’t paying attention to the lyrics either.
    Unfortunately, that means Andrew Garcia, who didn’t quite get the lyrics of “Gimme Shelter,” or Lacey Brown, whose breathy-quirky “Ruby Tuesday” was also misplaced, will likely exit.


Crystal Bowersox, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
Siobhan Magnus, “Paint It Black”
Casey James, “It’s All Over Now”
Michael Lynche, “Miss You”
Aaron Kelly, “Angie”
Lee Dewyze, “Beast of Burden”
Paige Miles, “Honky Tonk Woman”
Katie Stevens, “Wild Horses”
Lacey Brown, “Ruby Tuesday”
Didi Benami, “Playing With Fire”
Andrew Garcia, “Gimme Shelter”
Tim Urban, “Under My Thumb”

BOTTOM THREE: Andrew, Lacey and Paige


PHOTO: Crystal Bowersox by Fox.

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