The “Idol” guys were a whole lot better this week, even though they went on a day ahead of schedule due to Crystal Bowersox’s undisclosed illness.
    What was interesting was how the guys dealt with the judges’ comments. Even more interesting was how nearly all of them took the advice and got better. Jermaine Sellers, however, did not. In fact, he was so flummoxed by the idea of advice that he yammered on and begged for the judges to pick his song for next week when his ridiculous “What’s Going On” got panned.
    And as interesting as it would be to see him take Simon Cowell to church, it’s unlikely that he’s going to stick around, regardless of his claiming friendship with God. Sorry, dude, your desire to show off and make everything about you has overwhelmed your talent.
    The same goes for Todrick Hall, who continues to think that reworking songs into unrecognizable messes qualifies as a talent. It’s about the song, not you. Adam Lambert’s changes made the songs better. Yours don’t.
    Speaking of Lamberts, Alex Lambert is doing much better with his nerves and showed that he understands the idea of choosing good songs for his really good voice. (Memo to Idols: John Legend has a way better catalog to mine than James Morrison or Jason Mraz.) If only he could explain that to Andrew Garcia, who seems increasingly confused and somehow believed that “Idol” is looking for the next James Morrison when really most of America wasn’t interested in the first one. Garcia still has the best voice, but if he doesn’t catch on to the game soon, he’s going to be surpassed by his lesser rivals real fast.   
     After all, even Tim Urban has figured this out. He sang the excellent Matt Nathanson song “Come on Get Higher” (um yes, Matt Nathanson’s catalog is also way better than Morrison or Mraz) and found it easier to sing than One Republic. He still doesn’t have the best voice, but cuteness and not being horrible will take you far in the competition. Casey James, try to remember that second part.


Alex Lambert, “Everybody Knows’
Andrew Garcia, “You Give Me Something”
Michael Lynche, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
Lee Dewyze, “Lips of an Angel”
Tim Urban, “Come on Get Higher”
Aaron Kelly, “My Girl”
John Park, “Gravity”
Casey James, “I Don’t Wanna Be”
Todrick Hall, “What’s Love Got To Do With It”
Jermaine Sellers, “What’s Going On?”

WILL BE ELIMINATED: Jermaine and John

SHOULD BE ELIMINATED: Jermaine and Todrick


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PHOTO: Alex Lambert by Fox.

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