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BEST OF 2009: Top Albums #15-11

This week, we're counting down the top albums of 2009.

#25-21   #20-16

Tegan and Sara, "Hell"

15. Tegan and Sara, “Sainthood” (Sire): “My misery’s so addictive,” sing the Quin twins. When it’s couched in such upbeat pop, how can it not be?

14. Maxwell, “Blacksummer’s Night” (Columbia): Aching soul, lovely croons and the fluttery falsetto of “Pretty Wings” add up to quite a night.

13. Green Day, “21st Century Breakdown” (Reprise):
Another gripping rock opera combining cultural commentary on contemporary America and addictive punk-pop. ["The Static Age"]

12. Sonic Youth, “The Eternal” (Matador):
Cranked-up crazy, propped up by layers of atmospheric guitars. ["Sacred Trickster"]

11. Bob Dylan, “Together Through Life” (Columbia):
Navigating the current economic crisis with a bit of humor, a sense of snark, and even a touch of optimism. ["Beyond Here Lies Nothing"]

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