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Beyoncé, Jay-Z name-check Montauk in new song 'Salud'

Beyoncé and Jay-Z perform during a Get Out

Beyoncé and Jay-Z perform during a Get Out the Vote performance on Nov. 4, 2016, in Cleveland. Credit: AFP / Getty Images/Brendan Smialowski

Did Beyoncé and Jay-Z reveal something new about their Long Island life in a secret song on their new surprise album “Everything Is Love” (Parkwood/Roc Nation)?

Or did Jay just want to rhyme “walk” with “Montauk”?

In The Carters’ new “Salud,” a secret song that is only available to stream on Tidal, Bey and Jay give thanks for their A-list lives by running through a list of their real estate holdings. (The rest of “Everything Is Love,” released Saturday night, is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Tidal — the streaming service partly owned by Jay-Z — and can now be purchased for download.)

“House all glass, slide the doors, you ain’t gotta walk,” Jay-Z says of their $88 million home in the Los Angeles suburb of Bel-Air.

Then he rhymes, “And to top it off, got another one in Montauk.” Beyoncé coos in support, “Montauk, Montauk, Montauk.”

Jay-Z quickly moves on to their TriBeCa loft and their house in New Orleans, as well as a bit about “your president tweeting,” but Long Islanders probably stopped with Montauk. Hold up, Jay. We have questions.

We know The Carters famously purchased The Pond House in East Hampton in September. But did they buy a Montauk spot as well under the radar?

Is Jay-Z saying East Hampton is the same as Montauk? Because as any Route 27 traveler knows, during the summer those 17 miles or so from their house on Georgica Pond to Montauk could take, well, a while to drive. Of course, we may just be thinking too small, since Montauk is always just a short helicopter ride away.

Maybe we will get answers in another secret song. Salud!

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