The beauty of Camper Van Beethoven's "La Costa Perdida" (429), the indie-rock forerunners' first album in nine years, is in its lovely shagginess, as if it just fell from the sky fully formed, and David Lowery and friends didn't mess with it at all. The standout single "Northern California Girls" sounds gloriously unforced, with its loping layers of country-rock guitar and pretty bits of violin sweetness, though its well-crafted lyrics show how hard they really worked to get that sound just right. The hushed ballad "A Love for All Time" opens and closes with the sound of the tides, bookending Lowery's dreamy lyrical non sequiturs -- a microcosm of the album's unexpected triumphs.


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"La Costa Perdida"


BOTTOM LINE A woozy bit of California daydreamin' indie rock