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Chris Brown punches up his publicity

While Chris Brown may be under court order to stay away from Rihanna for the next five years, that apparently does not mean he's above latching on to whatever publicity she gets for herself.

Last month, when Rihanna released her new single "Russian Roulette" and details of her upcoming "Rated R" album, Brown announced his "Fan Appreciation" Tour plans the same day, even calling up Hot 97 as controversy about the dark, dangerous lyrics of "Russian Roulette" was building.

Coincidence? Maybe.

But last week, when news of Rihanna's interviews with "Good Morning America" and "20/20" started coming out, Brown was again there releasing the cover of his upcoming CD, "Graffiti," and talking about his new video, "Crawl."

Now, Brown, who pleaded guilty to felony assault as a result of a fight he had with Rihanna the night before the Grammys, has every right to try to move on and work on salvaging his career. He is on probation for 5 years and is serving 6 months of community labor sentence.

However, all of his apologies about the incident and Rihanna are starting to ring hollow as he seemingly tries to match her at every turn.

Rihanna is set to be honored as Glamour's 2009 Woman of the Year Monday at Carnegie Hall. Wonder what news Brown has in store for that day.

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