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Christina Aguilera's 'Lotus' review: nice comeback

The cover for LOTUS by Cristina Aguilera's latest

The cover for LOTUS by Cristina Aguilera's latest CD. (2012) Photo Credit: Handout

Maybe Christina Aguilera just needed something to overcome.

Just when everything seemed to be going right, Aguilera faced a series of high-profile stumbles, including a divorce, the movie clunker "Burlesque," a national anthem fiasco at the 2011 Super Bowl and her disappointing "Bionic" album.

Of course, we all know "The Voice" judge is a fighter, and she ain't gon' stop. Her new album "Lotus" (RCA) proves it.

For "Lotus," Aguilera pulls together her strengths -- the sass, the raw emotion, the big ballads and, most of all, her incredible voice -- in a single stylish package for her most focused artistic effort yet.

The up-tempo dance stuff is fun, especially the updated disco of "Red Hot Kinda Love" and the playful "Make the World Move," which features "Voice" pal Cee Lo Green.

Aguilera is at her best, though, when she gets to really belt a ballad she emotionally connects with, like "Blank Page" and the album's crowning achievement "Just a Fool," where she and fellow "Voice" judge Blake Shelton empty their broken hearts in a magnificently sung breakup song that should stand next to "Beautiful" as her career signature.





BOTTOM LINE "The Voice" judge rebounds in powerful pop style.

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