It’s a stunning moment.

“I comes off this mountain like Microphone Moses with a lyrical spray gun,” Chuck D declares with his trademark thunderous voice in “Microphone Moses.” “Nassau, Strong I, lyrical assassins with an attitude intensified.”

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And to make it even more astonishing, it was recorded 22 years ago and the Roosevelt rapper didn’t see fit to release it until now.

“Microphone Moses” is one of many gems in Chuck’s new album, “If I Can’t Change the People Around Me I Change the People Around Me” (SPITdigital), which celebrates the 20th anniversary of his debut solo album “The Autobiography of Mistachuck” by collecting previously unreleased material from those recording sessions and adding remixes of some of its memorable tracks.

Chuck also adds a couple of new songs, including the timely “Bernie Got Berned” where he and The Impossebulls talk about the election. He also revisits one of his solo album tracks for “Free Big Willie Part Three,” which gets a new video shot in front of Motown studios in Detroit.

“We are all under a microscope from a nation of other folks,” he rhymes. But no microscope is needed to see that Chuck still has the power to lead hip-hop.