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Comedian Jim Breuer branches out with ‘Garage’ metal

Comedian Jim Breuer will perform cuts from his

Comedian Jim Breuer will perform cuts from his new album, "Songs from the Garage," at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on July 18 and 25 and Aug. 1. Credit: Nathaniel Shannon

When you think of comedian Jim Breuer, you think of Goat Boy from “Saturday Night Live,” stoner Brian from “Half Baked” or his madman stand-up comedy. But these days the 49-year-old Valley Stream native is unleashing his metallic side. His new album, “Songs From the Garage,” finds the funnyman behind the mic delivering original songs with his band, the Loud & Rowdy, instead of jokes.

“I wanted to get the real great throwback metal out there,” says Breuer. “I knew some of my fans were going to be like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa . . . what are you doing?’ So I had to throw in a little comedy, but I didn’t want to lose the music element.”

This isn’t a vanity project, but more like a labor of love. Those of you who know Breuer’s style are familiar with his passion for hard rock and heavy metal. In the song, “Old School,” Breuer pays homage to all his heroes.

“I refer to every band I grew up banging my head to in the schoolyard playing stickball on Long Island,” says Breuer.

In fact, Breuer even got to duet with legendary AC/DC singer Brian Johnson on the track, “Mr. Rock-n-Roll.”

“It didn’t hit me until he was singing my lyrics two feet in front of me,” says Breuer. “When he left, it was like, ‘Did that really just happen?’ ”

On July 18, Breuer will kick off a short Monday night residency (also including July 25 and Aug. 1) at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, where he will get his tour warmed up.

“I’m going to kill that place. They are not going to know what hit them,” says Breuer. “I’ll be doing songs and stand-up plus bits you won’t see anywhere else.”

For example, when Breuer plays his song “Raising Teenage Girls,” he’ll do a 10-minute bit on the subject.

“When I get a big laugh, we go back into the chorus and end it,” says Breuer.

Overall, Breuer digs the direction his career is taking as he begins middle age.

“I am living the dream,” he says. “It took me 50 years, but it was well worth the wait.”

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