He certainly lives for today.

For those who've been hanging in the break room for too long, Creed Bratton -- Creed on "The Office" -- was a founding member of '60s band The Grass Roots, and he's kept up his musical side all these years later. Now,

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we may get to hear his very own midnight confessions.

Bratton, the mung-bean-eating oddball on the soon-to-conclude NBC show, will release his sixth solo album, an "audio-biography" in three acts titled "Tell Me About It."

"The three acts are like a play," Bratton says in a statement. "It's a story that takes you along in a psychedelic way."

Act 1, "Let's Start Dancing," drops Tuesday; Act 2, "The Orange Juice Tastes Like Water," arrives May 7; and Act 3, "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Obscurity," comes out May 21, the same day as a full vinyl version of all three acts.

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So at the very least, we know Creed will have a career after Dunder Mifflin closes shop May 16.