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‘Dark Sky Island’ review: Enya soothes again


Enya's "Dark Sky Island"


“Dark Sky Island”


BOTTOM LINE Another glimpse into her magical world of peace and tranquillity

Enya’s timing is perfect.

“Dark Sky Island” (Warner Bros.), her first album in seven years, arrives in a chaotic, increasingly violent time, following the terrorist attacks in Paris. Enya’s lush, peaceful soundscapes provide a much-needed balm that soothes without boring.

Her single “Echoes in Rain” has the pacing of Joan Osborne’s “One of Us,” but Enya’s hallelujahs have some swagger to them, bouncing against the plucking string sections to create a groove in the prettiness. It’s interesting how all the space in her songs leads your brain to fill in bits that aren’t there. For example, the verses on the lovely ballad “I Could Never Say Goodbye” will have you thinking of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” even though it quickly moves in a different direction.

After all, Enya’s music focuses on sound first, with lyrics acting mainly as support. (She even sings two songs in Loxian, the untranslatable language created by her collaborator Roma Ryan.) There’s no need to understand what she is singing in “The Forge of Angels,” for example, to get a feeling of grandeur and peace from it. It’s what Enya does best.


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