Dee Snider is still not gonna take it.

The Massapequa native has rerecorded the Twisted Sister classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as a powerful piano anthem for his upcoming solo album, “We Are the Ones” (Red River), due out in October.

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And Snider has lent the new version, which features only his voice and a piano accompaniment, to The Recording Academy to be the theme song to the group’s “Fair Play, Fair Pay” lobbying efforts to increase the royalties songwriters get from their music being played on the radio. However, he has asked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a friend from when Snider did “The Celebrity Apprentice,” to stop using the song at his rallies. “I said, ‘I didn’t realize some of the things you were going to represent — the wall, banning Muslims,’ ” Snider told Billboard. “ ‘I can’t get behind some of these things,’ and he said, ‘OK,’ and stopped using it, and that was it.”

Snider says he’s more interested in his new music anyway. “I’m just not one of those guys sitting there singing about the glory days,” he said in a statement. “To me, these are the glory days . . . and this new record is the part of my next glory days.”