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Drops: Lopez's 'Love' looks like a smash

The cover of Jennifer Lopez's "Love?"

The cover of Jennifer Lopez's "Love?" Credit: Handout

Nothing breeds success like success.

Only a year ago, Jennifer Lopez looked like she was on the outs. Her movie "The Back-Up Plan" flopped. So did "Louboutins," the lead single off the previous incarnation of "Love?" And her longtime label, Epic Records, decided that "Love?" wasn't even worth putting out.

Now, look at Miss Jenny From the Block. The Brookville resident is "American Idol's" breakout star and People magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman in the World." And "Love?" (Island Def Jam) looks like a smash.

It's hard to go wrong when people pour resources this extravagant into a project. La Lopez already has a hit with her pal Pitbull on the Latin-tinged club-banger "On the Floor" and she will likely land another with the island-tinged, groove-driven "I'm Into You," which features Lil Wayne delivering sharp lines, including "I'm falling for ya, baby, I need a parachute."

But the high-profile help, which does outshine her at times, doesn't stop there. Lady Gaga and producer Red One step in for two sure winners -- the thumping, AutoTuned, Rihanna-esque "Invading My Mind" and the thrilling, Eurodisco-themed "Hypnotico," which sounds like "Poker Face" crossed with "Waiting for Tonight."

There are still holdovers from "Love? 1.0," notably the odd, Celine Dion-ish ballads "Until It Beats No More" and "Starting Over," but there isn't a "Louboutins"-styled clunker in sight. Lopez hasn't sounded this good since the "J.Lo" days, and with "Love?" there's no question she can still be queen of the block.


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BOTTOM LINE This "Love?" does cost a bunch

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