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'Fall to Grace' review: Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith's album cover for "Fall To Grace."

Paloma Faith's album cover for "Fall To Grace." Credit: Handout

Paloma Faith has a great voice -- a little higher and more trembly than Adele's, a little more polished than Amy Winehouse's. It's memorable enough to land her an entry in "The Next Adele" sweepstakes, though sometimes her sophomore album, "Fall to Grace" (Epic), falls flat, due more to clumsy lyrics and poorly formed songs than to Faith's voice. The shortcomings can be maddening, especially on "Freedom," where the promising, soulful verses get wasted on a cheese-ball chorus, and on "Agony," where she ruins a lovely opening by galloping off like The Killers on "Mr. Brightside" in the chorus. Someone, please write Faith more songs like "Let Your Love Walk In," songs worthy of her voice.


Paloma Faith

"Fall to Grace"


BOTTOM LINE Better than an Adele knockoff, not quite an original

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