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Flo Rida 'Wild Ones' review: Pleasant but bland

Flo Rida attends OK! Magazine Sexy Singles Party

Flo Rida attends OK! Magazine Sexy Singles Party In New York City in Manhattan. (May 21, 2012) Photo Credit: Getty Images

It's been nearly five years since Flo Rida cracked the code for radio-friendly up-tempo hip-hop with "Low" and the underappreciated "Mail on Sunday" album. However, on his new "Wild Ones" (Atlantic) album, Flo's formula wears thin. "Wild Ones" basically plays like one long song cut into bits to swap out the various guests and lyrical concepts. Cue Jennifer Lopez and the candy references for "Sweet Spot." Speed up the sample on Brenda Russell's "Piano in the Dark" to fit the pattern for "I Cry." "Wild Ones" is pleasant but bland, and aside from a few short bits, way too tame.


"Wild Ones"


BOTTOM LINE Giving in to lowest common denominator dance pop

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