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For Westbury's theater, each name is Fair game

One of the fun things - the only fun thing? - that comes from the ever-changing world of naming rights is the chance to give old venues new nicknames.

The NYCB Theatre at Westbury, which recently replaced the straightforward Theatre at Westbury, offers just such a chance.

Now the comedians who frequent the venue have already had some fun with the previous bank-related names. Bob Saget suggested that it be nicknamed "The Vault at Westbury" to encompass whatever lending institution may purchase the rights, which seems like a pretty good idea. Kathy Griffin said that given all the bank bailouts, the venue should just be known as "The United States Government Barack Obama Theater," but there would probably end up being lots of those around the country.

Given the new name, though, we're sort of partial to "The Nic." Or, of course, we could go with the name that pretty much everyone on Long Island knows the venue by anyway: Westbury Music Fair.

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