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Glassjaw releases first album in 15 years

Glassjaw's "Material Control" is its first new album

Glassjaw's "Material Control" is its first new album since 2002. Credit: Globochem Records

Glassjaw’s new album, “Material Control” (Globochem), the Long Island hard-core scene heroes’ first in 15 years, feels like vindication for the band’s patient fans.

The album features the same intensity from singer Daryl Palumbo and the intricate guitar work of Justin Beck that drove their early work like “Worship and Tribute” to genre-influencing status. But instead of focusing on his own life (and his broken relationships) as the Bellmore native did especially on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence,” Palumbo is writing more about the world around him. He finds plenty to rage about in “New White Extremity” and “My Conscience Weighs a Ton.”

But Glassjaw also shows growth in the layered “Strange Hours.”

Palumbo told Alternative Press that his earlier work, which some felt bordered on misogynistic, was born of frustration and immaturity. “I was a young guy, and I was supposed to be a man and I was not. I apologize for saying any of that,” he said. “You can be frustrated, but I really wished I had written better lyrics. . . . As a son to a widowed mother, a husband to the most amazing woman I ever met and as a dad, I feel idiotic for saying that stuff.”

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