With her stunning Grammy performance of “Glitter in the Air,” Pink proved that you don’t have to be shocking or over-the-top to be the best or the most-talked-about. You just have to be amazing.
    Her high-flying aerial act – twirling upside down, suspended by only a thin piece of material over the Staples Center crowd – was elegant and poignant, reflecting the understated piano ballad she was performing. It was so good, it made much of what followed it on the show seem almost crass, especially Jamie Foxx’s bombastic version of “Blame It.”
    Sure, Pink pulled it off because it was a set piece she has been doing in her “Funhouse” tour for months. But that could be said about Beyonce’s medley of “If I Were a Boy” and Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” as well. (In fact, turning the Grammys into a collection of big tour numbers wouldn’t be the worst idea.)
    In an evening of stunt-casted duets and massive production numbers designed to get people talking, Pink succeeded by taking your breath away and, if even for a fleeting moment, creating something beautiful. Good for her.

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PHOTO: Pink at the Grammys by Robyn Beck for Getty Images.