Shania Twain mentors the top 6 as they perform her songs Tuesday on "American Idol." But who's likely to hear "that don't impress me much"?

GOING HOME: Michael Lynche

Michael's performances have been filled with more cheese than a stuffed crust pie from Pizza Hut. Topped off with his trademark grin, the cheese will stand alone when this week's eliminated contestant is announced.


Last week Aaron sang "I Believe I Can Fly," and he nearly winged it home. With his increasingly weak vocals, he's not still the one "Idol" voters will want.


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Casey plays a mean guitar, and lately his vocals have been nasty, too. Unless he delivers a solid performance this week, "Idol" may lose him forever and for always.

- Daniel Bubbeo,


GOING HOME Michael Lynche

He defied the odds, staying longer than Matt Giraud after his judges' save, but he'll be calling, "Honey, I'm home" and "I'm outta here" when his R&B style tries tackling country music.


Seemingly unstoppable until last week's dip in the Bottom 3 pool, from this moment on James should embrace his inner cougar magnet and come on over to Kara's dark side.

THIRD LOWEST Siobhan Magnus

At first fearless in how she approached the competition, Magnus lost her way the past few weeks. Siobhan, you ain't no quitter and we hope you've got a way to recapture the magic you started the competition with.

- Ronnie Gill,