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Is Ronan Parke the next Justin Bieber?

Ronan Parke, 12, of Norwich, England, is a

Ronan Parke, 12, of Norwich, England, is a favorite to win "Britain's Got Talent 2011" and may challenge Justin Bieber as a tween heartthrob. Credit: YouTube

Hey, are we ready for the next Justin Bieber?

Well, we may not have any choice.

Ronan Parke, a 12-year-old from Norfolk, England, has reached the finals of “Britain's Got Talent” – the same Simon Cowell show that brought us Susan Boyle – and the tween singer with the artfully styled blond mop of hair is already spawning comparisons to The Bieb.

“You utterly nailed that,” Cowell told him last night, after hearing young Ronan's soulful version of “Make You Feel My Love,” the Bob Dylan song made popular again by Adele. “I was nervous we were going to get 12-year-olds doing Justin Bieber impersonations, but you're not that kind of singer.”

Ronan was trending on Twitter, just like The Bieb, during his performance and is now considered the favorite to win the contest Saturday night.

Judge for yourself below.

Ronan Parke - Make You Feel My Love (Adele)... by UCANLEARNPOKERdotCOM

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