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J Balvin says he is experiencing acute depressive episode

Colombian reggaeton phenomenon J Balvin shared over

 Colombian reggaeton phenomenon J Balvin shared over social media that he is experiencing an episode of depression. Credit: Getty Images for Spotify / Matt Winkelmeyer

Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin, who has talked previously about suffering from depression, reached out to fans Tuesday, saying that he is currently experiencing an acute episode.

In a series of five short videos Tuesday on Instagram Stories — captured on at least one website before the content cycled out as normal after 24 hours on that platform — Balvin speaks in Spanish about anxiety and depression. "I don't like acting or faking my happiness or that everything is perfect," he said in a translated transcription posted by sites including ABC Radio News and USA Today. "Like any human being, I've had some challenges."

The 35-year-old recording artist, born José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, added, "I'm fragile and vulnerable. Possibly more than all of you," but said more positively, "Soon the storm will pass and I'll be back cracking jokes with you all. I'm not here to act but to be real and share what I'm feeling in the moment." He concluded by saying, "I love you all."

Clinical depression, also called, major depressive disorder, has no single specific cause, according to Harvard Medical School, but instead a variety of causes that can range from faulty mood-regulation by the brain to diet, medication and physical-health factors.

Public figures who have discussed their depression include singers Bruce Springsteen and Justin Bieber, actors Dwayne Johnson, Jon Hamm and Sophie Turner, and the late "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace.

Balvin is a global phenomenon, with multiple YouTube videos that have garnered more than a billion views each.

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