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'Warm' review: Wilco's Jeff Tweedy goes solo to tell more personal stories

Jeff Tweedy's new solo allbum is "Warm."

Jeff Tweedy's new solo allbum is "Warm." Credit: dBpm Records



BOTTOM LINE The Wilco frontman goes solo to tell more personal stories

Jeff Tweedy is cementing his reputation as a storyteller this fall with his new memoir “Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back)” and his new solo album “Warm” (dBpm).

The songs on “Warm” are far more direct and no-nonsense than Tweedy’s work with Wilco. The sleek alt-country “Some Birds” takes flight, soaring even as he worries “Is it my fault the countrysides are so full of suicides? I break bricks with my heart, only a fool would call it art.”

The charming “Let’s Go Rain” recalls his work with Billy Bragg to bring unfinished Woody Guthrie songs to life on “Mermaid Avenue.” The jangling “Having Been Is No Way to Be” feels like a throwback to Uncle Tupelo, but the personal lyrics about struggling to change bad habits represent a newer, more comfortable Tweedy. “Just because I can’t describe it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to untwist the knife, to unmake my mind,” he declares.

Even the six-minute epic “How Will I Find You,” essentially a meditation on uncertainty with Tweedy’s voice pulling the listener through increasingly trippy, guitar-driven atmospherics, tells a relatable story that is definitely “Warm.”

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