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Jonas Brothers back and taking control

The Jonas Brothers Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas and

The Jonas Brothers Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas backstage after Nick Jonas' debut in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway at The Hirshfeld Theatre in Manhattan. (Jan. 24, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Get ready for the new Jonas Brothers.

After working separately on their own projects, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are back together as a group, wrapping up a new album for early next year and their first concert in three years at Radio City Music Hall Oct. 11.

"It's the kickoff again of the Jonas Brothers," says Nick, flanked by Joe and Kevin, as they sip from Starbucks cups, trying to keep the energy level up after an early-morning call for the "Today" show. "We're getting the band back together. . . . We've been in the studio making new music and now we're excited to present it to the fans."

"We want to get the fans excited about the new music," adds Joe. "Everything's online these days so you play one song, and it'll be all over the world in two minutes."

"We also feel like it will help us -- to be in front of our fans again -- to finish the creative process," Nick continues. "We're close. By the time we play, the album will probably be in the final stages of last tweaks and mixing. Knowing what the fans are liking and feeling will help us finish it up. We're anxious to get back onstage -- more than anything."

Three years apart is a long time for any band. But it's an eternity in the ever-fickle world of pop music, where so many acts, especially those who count teens and tweens as fans, are here today, gone by lunch. The Jonas Brothers, however, aren't worried. They feel their time apart -- with 20-year-old Nick starring on Broadway, 23-year-old Joe launching a more dance-oriented solo career and 24-year-old Kevin getting married and becoming a reality show star on E!'s "Married to Jonas" -- has helped them grow as people and as musicians.

"It's kind of bizarre to think about all the different experiences we've been able to have on our own," says Joe. "One of my favorite artists, Maxwell, when he won his Grammy, he said, 'Thanks for letting me live my life so I can talk about it in my music.' For us, it's similar. We wouldn't have had a lot of inspirations if all we sang about was 'We work a lot. We like to sing. All we do is work.' That music wouldn't be too great. For us, to have so much life that nobody really knows about -- which they're going to get a piece of by watching Kevin's life -- we're going to be able to tell a lot of different things in our music, which we're excited about."


Their creative process

The Jonases have really enjoyed the recording process, which has been documented in part by "Married to Jonas." "When we're in the studio we really 'dare to suck' essentially," Kevin says. "We just throw anything out there and see. It's like taking a handful of darts and throwing them at the wall. When you write a song with a group of people, sometimes one word can trigger something else. And we really have that flow as brothers."

That flow is evident as the trio, who are writing and producing all the songs themselves, explain their process.

"There really is no fear with us," Kevin says.

"And there's no other cooks in the kitchen," adds Nick. "For us in our careers, we've had to go through a list of people who . . ."

"For any artist," Joe says, finishing the sentence, "there's always people you have to ask. How does this sound? Or for set design, how does this look? With us, it's 'Why don't we produce ourselves' and 'Why don't we say what we want to sing?' If this lyric needs to be a little angrier, we can be angrier. We can say what we want to say in the way we want to say it, which is kind of nice."


Taking control

Unlike their previous albums, the Jonas Brothers are in full control of this one, having left their longtime home Hollywood Records and decided to record the new album before finding another label, if they decide to sign to one at all.

"We've had the chance to do four or five days of just writing and then a week or a week and a half to just live life," says Nick. "I think it's the healthiest way to create."

"It's so much better than just locking yourself in a room," Kevin adds, recalling previous albums where they essentially locked themselves in a studio for two months and did nothing else.

"We're so thankful our fans have given us the time to make this album," Nick says. "It goes along with us taking control of our own destiny."

However, Nick says the group is careful not to think too much about the business just yet.

"We're most excited about knowing that we could do whatever we want," he says. "We could partner with someone -- that's a possibility. At this moment, it's about creating it first because we really want it to be our vision overall, without other input taking away from that. Then, maybe we can find a home for it for distribution or something. We'll leave it all up in the air right now and just create."



Keeping up with the Jonases




In the three years since they released their "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" album, the Jonas Brothers have been busy working on their own solo projects. Here's a look at what they've been up to:





MUSIC He formed a new band, Nick Jonas & the Administration, who released the blues-rock-influenced album "Who I Am" in 2010 and went on tour.

STAGE He starred in "Les Misérables" in London in 2010 and in the revival of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway this year.

PERSONAL Though Nick tries not to discuss his personal life, he has been linked to singer Deltra Goodrem and Nickelodeon's Victoria Justice recently.





MUSIC He teamed up with Lil Wayne and producer Danja for his dance-oriented debut solo album "Fastlife" in 2011 and went on tour.

TV He became one of the judges on the music competition series "The Next," as well as making guest appearances on the sitcom "Hot in Cleveland" and the reality dating show "The Choice."

PERSONAL After high-profile relationships with Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, Joe's personal life is a bit more private these days.





MUSIC He co-wrote a song for Nick's solo album and contributed vocals to the band Honor Society's debut.

TV He is currently the star of the E! reality show "Married to Jonas" and co-hosted with Kelly Ripa on "Live! With Kelly."

PERSONAL He married Danielle Deleasa in 2009 at Oheka Castle in Huntington.

WHO Jonas Brothers
WHEN | WHERE 8 p.m. Oct. 11, Radio City Music Hall, 1260 Sixth Ave., Manhattan
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