This week's act you've known all these years playing Nikon at Jones Beach is KISS, who perform there Saturday night. But how much do you really know about the glam-rockers? Take this quiz and see.

1. What was the name of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's first band?

A. Soft White Underbelly

B. Wicked Lester

C. Lips

D. The Tongues

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2. On March 9, 1973, the band wore makeup for the first time. Where was the gig?

A. Amityville

B. Roslyn

C. Brooklyn

D. SoHo

3. Gene Simmons' real name is:

A. Chaim Weizman

B. Chaim Yonkel

C. Chaim Witz

D. Lev Chaim

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4. Which band member is deaf in his right ear?

A. Gene Simmons

B. Peter Criss

C. Ace Frehley

D. Paul Stanley