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Justin Bieber to play private concert in Long Beach

It's Justin time for Long Beach Middle School students who will get their very own private concert with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber in early April, according to coordinators of the event.

Jodi Salidor, marketing director for radio station WXRK-FM, known as "92.3 NOW," said plans are coming together for a concert by Bieber, who will likely perform a 15-to-20-minute acoustic set.

"He's excited," Salidor said of Bieber. "It is so personal. It is going to blow everybody's mind."

Students at the school won the concert by collecting more than 27,000 pounds of food in a contest conducted last year by the radio station. The food was donated to Island Harvest.

The concert's exact date is being kept quiet as security issues are worked out, Salidor said. Expect security to be very tight, said Long Beach Middle School principal Audrey Goropeuschek. Only students will be allowed; no guests of either students or staff will be permitted to attend.

"We will have a significant security presence," Goropeuschek said. "We will have a system in place to verify the identity of employees and students."

Trespassers on campus could be arrested, she said.

Meanwhile, excitement is building at the middle school. Bieber, 16, just announced his first headlining "My World" tour, which stops at Madison Square Garden on Aug. 31, and his album, called "My World 2.0," with new songs including the hit "Baby," will be in stores Tuesday. Bieber will perform Monday and Tuesday on "The View" and reportedly will appear April 10 on "Saturday Night Live." "I have always been a big fan," said Chandler Gregor, 13, an eighth-grader at the middle school. "And me and my friends are even more excited and even bigger fans now."

Bieber will likely perform in the auditorium, which holds 636 students.The school has 851 enrolled, but the principal said many of the boys already have indicated they will not attend. The school is roughly half boys, half girls.

"We will have 200 to 250 students who will go on a trip and we have many volunteers who have expressed interest in an alternate activity," Goropeuschek said.

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