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Keri Hilson's 'No Boys Allowed'

Album / CD art cover titled "No Boys

Album / CD art cover titled "No Boys Allowed" by Keri Hilson Credit: None/

Don't worry, Keri Hilson isn't swearing off men in "No Boys Allowed" (Interscope/Mosley). She has lined up her usual gang of first-rate collaborators for her new album - from Timbaland, who offers a remarkably non-bleepy-bloopy production on the gorgeous girl-group-

influenced "Breaking Point," to Rick Ross, who gets Hilson incredibly riled up on "The Way You Love Me." Though Ne-Yo gives "Pretty Girl Rock" an addictive sheen, it's the remix featuring some memorable verses from Kanye West that gets the point across best. Considering all the support she gets on "No Boys Allowed," Hilson is practically the female Drake, and she doesn't fail, either.


Keri Hilson


"No Boys Allowed"


BOTTOM LINE Brassy hip-hop and sassy soul

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