It's part of Lady Gaga's unusual rise to stardom that her red carpet outfit - the one that looked like a plastic model of the solar system - generated as much, if not more, chatter than her performance.

Gaga's show-opening extravaganza combined Broadway staging, a hype man who talked up her five No. 1 singles and, well, Elton John. She combined a bit of her hit "Poker Face" with a mash-up of her song "Speechless" and John's "Your Song," made even more dramatic by the fact that she was dressed as a big green spangled heart and that both she and John were covered in soot, which came from being dropped in the fire pit of rejection at "The Fame Factory."

It might not be as controversial as her odd dresses, but her performance of "Speechless" gave people a whole lot of things to talk about in a very short time.

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