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LI band Envy on the Coast breaks up

Members of the group Envy on the Coast.

Members of the group Envy on the Coast. Credit: Handout

    Envy on the Coast is calling it quits.

    One of Long Island’s most promising bands, who released two excellent albums, including “Lowcountry” in March, Envy decided to break up after guitarist Sal Bossio and bassist Jeremy Velardi announced that they wanted to leave the band.

    “They explained that they are no longer happy being a part of this, and there was nothing [guitarist Brian Byrne] and I could do or say to change that,” singer Ryan Hunter wrote on the band’s Facebook page last night. “Because Envy on the Coast was founded upon the musical and personal relationships between the four of us, Brian and I have decided that we would rather move forward rather than finding musicians to replace Sal and Jer.”

    Hunter said he and Byrne would continue on in a new band. It’s unclear how the breakup affects Hunter and Byrne’s contract with Photo Finish Records, which had planned a long promotional campaign for “Lowcountry.” "We'll probably be out for the next two years on this," Velardi told Newsday in March. "And we couldn't be happier."

    When the band hadn’t lined up another tour for the summer, questions about its future began to swirl last month.

    “We decided we wanted to preserve integrity, credibility, and put our art at the forefront above all else,” Hunter wrote. “We knew turning down certain opportunities would sometimes leave us broke and maybe regretful, for some of us, but we knew it wasn't within our capability to compromise. Sure, we did a lot of things we were apprehensive about at first, but on 'Lowcountry', our most recent effort, I can proudly say we made something that was 100% us.”

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