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LI's Kris Mazzarisi lands gig on LMFAO tour

Seaford's Kris Mazzarisi is the new drummer for

Seaford's Kris Mazzarisi is the new drummer for LMFAO. He makes his debut with the band July 13, 2012, in Portugal. Credit: Jake Paz

Kris Mazzarisi is still getting used to his new job.

"I was just at Target getting toiletries and stuff that I know I won't be able to get in Portugal," the Seaford native says, before pausing. "Yeah, that just doesn't sound right: 'I'm going to Portugal.'"

But Mazzarisi is going to Portugal and Spain and France and Germany. He'll be playing to a crowd of 100,000 or so in London's Hyde Park next week. That's what happens when your new job is drummer for multiplatinum party-rockers LMFAO.

"I'm still a little paranoid that it all isn't really happening," he said, adding that his first show with the band is Friday at the Optimus Alive! Festival in Oporto, Portugal, alongside Radiohead, The Cure and Justice. "It's happened so fast."

Mazzarisi, 34, has been playing in bands since he was at Seaford High School, starting with punk band B.O.D. and hard-core band Fall Victim. More recently, he has played with Dix Hills' Ryan Star, toured with Sara Bareilles as a guitar and drum tech, and was all set to be a drum tech for singer-songwriter Mat Kearney this summer.

However, it was being on the recent LMFAO tour supporting his brother, up-and-coming singer-songwriter Matthew Koma, that ended up being his big break.

"I kinda knew drummer was thinking about leaving the band and going back to school," Mazzarisi said. "Matt and his tour manager talked to some people and got me an audition. The musical director told me on the spot that I'd have his vote and they videotaped my second audition to show Redfoo and SkyBlu. Within two days, I got the job. It was pretty intense."

Less than a month after getting the news, Mazzarisi has been busy learning LMFAO's entire show, as well as coming to the realization that he's now playing electro-pop music. "Their music is really interesting, and there's some hard rock and punk stuff in there," he says. "But I enjoy it because it's different. It's cool to stretch out of my comfort zone. I'm having a blast playing it."

Mazzarisi says he's also ready to be part of the group's elaborate stage presentation. Yes, he's already gotten his "Party Rock" T-shirt and is ready to get his arms spray-painted with zebra markings.

"I'm so stoked to be a part of this," he says. "I've always wanted to just play the drums. Now, I've got my chance."

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